Sunday, May 01, 2005

"Who are those people in the corner?"

Just met 'The Crazies', I mean, soon to be in-laws at Elise's graduation party. I am just kidding. They are very nice, non-crazy people. It took a while for us Wilson's to get into the crowd to converse, so the first half of the party we just sat in the corner, like good little non-social butterflies. But, then the food was served, and that was as much of an ice-breaker as we needed. They made/served good food. Lunch was very satisfying. So that's a plus. We then proceeded to either tell or listen to the same stories 15 times in a row, as there was always at least one person not around the first 14 times it was told. Seriously, If I hear one more story about hurricane damage I am going to shoot myself. All in all, they were great people, and I am happy to have them joining the family. And no, for the 16th time, the wedding date has not been set yet.

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Nathanfooism said...

i still hear about damn ivan every week