Thursday, May 26, 2005

Panama, Suez, . . . Root?!?

Ah, the dentist's chair. It's been too long.

Rarely does a person set aside time specifically for large amounts of pain to be administered to themselves. Well, I have just done that. I just made an appointment with Dr. Mallik, Endodontist, so that he can physically hurt me for about 2 hrs. The excitement is overwhelming.

I love popcorn. Let me re-phrase. I enjoy eating popcorn. However, unintentionally chomping on popcorn kernels, coupled with laziness and a fear of dental tools, I have developed a nice broken tooth with exposed nerve endings. Fun! Not really. The next time I want a nice bag of buttery hot popcorn I will have to restrain myself as much as possible. Receiving pain, and having to pay someone money for the pain givin', is not something that I forsee as being enjoyable, or something that I will want to do again. So, no more popcorn for me. :(


Nathanfooism said...

i got dibs on your leftover painkillers.....w00t!

soul.of.mine said...

they'll cost ya.

"Honestly Nate, I don't know why the Darvocet are blue with little V's on them. Just take a couple and try to relax."