Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I hate to be the sour grapes, but....

...December 31st. Capital W T F? Are you kidding me?

If everyone is just going to sit around saying "It's your wedding. You can do what you want.", then I guess I will have to be the one to say something. Or maybe I am just the only one who objects, I don't know.

Ok, let's observe the situation. Your getting married. Wahoo! Say your options for a wedding date are either in December or May/June. The only real difference between the two would be that by the time May/June comes around you will have graduated from college. Which is your instinctive choice?

I don't have a problem with weddings in December. That is fine. But the timing of a wedding in December is far more delicate than one occurring in the spring/summer months. Serious thought is required to plan an occasion such as this, you can't just show up when it's your cue. Here is a short list of things that I think should be considered before attempting a wedding in December, or any month for that matter.

  1. December is the busiest, most hectic month of the year.
  2. Consider your guests, the distance they must travel, the location they must travel to, and the time of year you are asking them to travel (i.e. their vacation/holiday time)
  3. December is one of the colder, gloomier months of the year (less important, but a consideration nonetheless).
  4. Consider the difficulty and likeliness of successfully coordinating your wedding arrangements on a night that the year's largest party is occurring.
  5. Consider the emotions, ideas, and advice of both sides of the family, especially the parents.
There are plenty more, but that will do for now. I certainly hope you have considered these things before hastily picking a date. We are coming together to celebrate and help join families, but the celebration won't exist if no one can make it to the party. You are asking people to leave their families, their friends, and their homes at a time when they want most to be at home with their family and friends. The bottom line is this: consider others, not just yourselves. All of that other stuff comes second.

And if you don't take into consideration any of those things, then at least consider this. Things like this happen on New Year's Eve. Do you really want this at your reception? Granted, there will no doubt be drunk people at your wedding reception no matter the wedding date, but coupled with New Year's Eve could cause quite a mess.

Because sometimes you have to hang onto the floor to keep from falling off. Posted by Hello

I love you both, but no one else was going to say anything. I think it's best you know how people feel, or at least how I feel.


ElykNoslen said...

Did someone make a messy in their pants?

soul.of.mine said...

no, i don't recall that happening.

Nathanfooism said...

thats a really nice rug in the picture

soul.of.mine said...

it really tied the room together.