Sunday, May 01, 2005

FG vs. AD

First of all, I'm glad to see that the 2nd greatest animated series ever created has returned to my television screen. :) Happiness.

Family Guy > American Dad.

And that's final!

Of the two American Dad episodes that I have watched, I can't remember laughing once. Sad. I remember nearly dying of laughter from early Family Guy episodes, a trend which has continued through almost every episode. Seth should put all his focus on FG. You don't want AD to bring them both down. I'll give AD a few more episodes to make me laugh before it becomes banned from my television. If that happens, American Dad will join the likes of American Idol, anything falling under the category of "reality television", and finally, regular season NBA basketball.

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Nathanfooism said...

hey man thursday nights on TNT (back to back games) are great nights to get your drink on....of course so are sunday mornings in my opinon but no ever asks me

how bout the back to back new EPs of the simpsons, that was great!

oh oh abd tune in for back to back new EPs of the OC on thursday will see some publix pwnage as well....yeah