Thursday, May 26, 2005

Panama, Suez, . . . Root?!?

Ah, the dentist's chair. It's been too long.

Rarely does a person set aside time specifically for large amounts of pain to be administered to themselves. Well, I have just done that. I just made an appointment with Dr. Mallik, Endodontist, so that he can physically hurt me for about 2 hrs. The excitement is overwhelming.

I love popcorn. Let me re-phrase. I enjoy eating popcorn. However, unintentionally chomping on popcorn kernels, coupled with laziness and a fear of dental tools, I have developed a nice broken tooth with exposed nerve endings. Fun! Not really. The next time I want a nice bag of buttery hot popcorn I will have to restrain myself as much as possible. Receiving pain, and having to pay someone money for the pain givin', is not something that I forsee as being enjoyable, or something that I will want to do again. So, no more popcorn for me. :(

Friday, May 20, 2005

Note To Self: Multi-tasking

  • Never try to pee and brush your teeth at the same time again. Too many unwanted things can happen. Multi-tasking is not always a good thing. Sometimes it is best to take your time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I hate to be the sour grapes, but....

...December 31st. Capital W T F? Are you kidding me?

If everyone is just going to sit around saying "It's your wedding. You can do what you want.", then I guess I will have to be the one to say something. Or maybe I am just the only one who objects, I don't know.

Ok, let's observe the situation. Your getting married. Wahoo! Say your options for a wedding date are either in December or May/June. The only real difference between the two would be that by the time May/June comes around you will have graduated from college. Which is your instinctive choice?

I don't have a problem with weddings in December. That is fine. But the timing of a wedding in December is far more delicate than one occurring in the spring/summer months. Serious thought is required to plan an occasion such as this, you can't just show up when it's your cue. Here is a short list of things that I think should be considered before attempting a wedding in December, or any month for that matter.

  1. December is the busiest, most hectic month of the year.
  2. Consider your guests, the distance they must travel, the location they must travel to, and the time of year you are asking them to travel (i.e. their vacation/holiday time)
  3. December is one of the colder, gloomier months of the year (less important, but a consideration nonetheless).
  4. Consider the difficulty and likeliness of successfully coordinating your wedding arrangements on a night that the year's largest party is occurring.
  5. Consider the emotions, ideas, and advice of both sides of the family, especially the parents.
There are plenty more, but that will do for now. I certainly hope you have considered these things before hastily picking a date. We are coming together to celebrate and help join families, but the celebration won't exist if no one can make it to the party. You are asking people to leave their families, their friends, and their homes at a time when they want most to be at home with their family and friends. The bottom line is this: consider others, not just yourselves. All of that other stuff comes second.

And if you don't take into consideration any of those things, then at least consider this. Things like this happen on New Year's Eve. Do you really want this at your reception? Granted, there will no doubt be drunk people at your wedding reception no matter the wedding date, but coupled with New Year's Eve could cause quite a mess.

Because sometimes you have to hang onto the floor to keep from falling off. Posted by Hello

I love you both, but no one else was going to say anything. I think it's best you know how people feel, or at least how I feel.

Monday, May 16, 2005

< tears >

Well, not quite. It's nice to come home to good news. I guess tomorrow I will call Mandy, my enrollment manager, and confirm my next step. I like how they promptly make you aware that you owe them money (3rd paragraph). Ah, that's ok. It's just money.

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"To change the world, start with one step
However small, the first step is hardest of all"
-DMB, Stand Up, You Might Die Trying

Thursday, May 12, 2005

< drool >

just go ahead and add it to my xmas list.

watch me.


SoroSuub X-34 Landspeeder
Hovers well, limited rust
2,000 credits, O.B.O.

Driving to work today, I noticed none other than the great Jedi master himself, Mr. Kenobi, driving the car in front of me. I didn't recognize him at first, since he was not in his X-34. During a brief window-to-window discussion at the redlight, he told me that the old speeder was just sucking up too much fuel, since his daily commute to Tosche station was spent mostly hovering in traffic, and he simply couldn't afford it anymore. Bummer, cause that is a sweet ride. So if you know anyone interested, let me know, I'll give you his cell #.

So, his new ride is a 2004 Lincoln Navigator. He said he liked the enclosed cabin the most, because it kept the sun off his noggin. However, he did say that is was not as fast or sleek as the X-34, so he lost some street cred when it came to picking up the ladies. He was hoping to get some 22's on it, and nice system in it by this weekend to help improve his odds.

I know you don't believe me, so here is a crummy pic of his personalized license plate as proof.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh Snap!

I've done it again. I've, in some way or another, convinced yet another person to own an Xbox. Around Christmas time last year, my boss Jay, was looking for something for his son. He was pondering the purchase of an Xbox. I thoroughly convinced him to buy an Xbox so that his son would not have to play the inferior Playstation 2 anymore. I felt happy to know that I helped divert someone to the better console. His son, Thomas, now plays Halo2, and that's a good thing.

Also around Christmas, my original box was giving me fits. I fixed it, but in the time being I had to play some games. This required the purchase of another box, leaving me with two once the original was fixed. The original is now in the possession of Shannon, my roommate. He now is addicted to Crimson Skies, and the newly released Forza Motorsport (addictions don't take long to form, Forza came out yesterday.) He's not much of a gamer, but he did used to play the PS2, and now prefers his Xbox over it anyday.

I've come to learn this morning that Rob (co-worker), long-time PS2 and Gran Turismo 4 enthusiast (a.k.a. our office's un-official spokesman for how much better PS2 is over Xbox), as well as a self-proclaimed auto expert, is now the proud owner of an Xbox. So many times I have heard from him how PS2 will always be better than Xbox, and now he owns one. Granted, it was an anniversary gift from his wife, but she wouldn't have bought it if he didn't express intrest in one. We talk trash about PS2 all the time at work, and he happily defends it, but I think we finally broke him.

After discussing the newly released Forza this morning, he has stated that he will be purchasing it as well, even though he already owns GT4. He will probably tell us monday that Forza sucks compared to GT4, because I am sure he is still loyal to the PS2, but regardless, I am happy to know that another poor, misguided soul has experienced the right path when it comes to a video game experience. Now if I can only convince him to get a LIVE account, so I can beat him at his own game.

So that is three people I've helped see the light. Who will be next?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Such a relief

When someone gets into my car, and browses around my cd selection, they will see what most people will expect to see. Lots of good American rock. But what those people don't see, is the few cds that I have hidden behind other artists.

Kelly Clarkson is so awesome. Watching her go through the trials of American Idol was so inspirational. She has so much talent and I can only wish the best for her. Who would've known that her albums would contain worthy songwriting. Her lyrics contain so much substance and her voice is the only voice that do justice to those words. I enjoyed her first album, Thankful, more than her latestest release, but thats ok beacause Breakaway is starting to grow on me the more I listen to it. She will be coming to Atlanta this summer and I am on the list to get advanced tickets in the first 5 rows. From what I hear, she has been offered a cover spot on one of the next issues of Maxim. Which reminds me that I need to make sure my subscription is current.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


When writing a 'letter of intent' to a college, you would think they'd be happy enough with "I want to give you money to learn stuff there.", but evidentally it takes two more pages of writing to convince them.

Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm no Smoltz

I can't close. I have a problem with finishing what I've started, and I don't know why. My motivation comes in spurts, and when it starts to fade, it's gone in an instant. Then when it comes again, it has to be focused on something new, not something I've started and stopped before. I can't believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Wondering if we had
Spent our living days well

I can't believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Dreaming of things that we
Might have been.
I look around my room and see nothing but unfinished business. Books I haven't finished. Half written letters. Ideas of what I thought I wanted laying everywhere. A mess by more than one means.

It's like I am in a fog. I can't remember making the decisions I've made, or if any intelligent thought was put into them. I just wake up in the morning, and go about my obligated business, sleep, repeat. A cycle that I swear is killing some part of my insides.

What motivation do I need in order to wake up and realize how much of my life is being wasted? The sad part is that I am realizing it right now and most every day, yet I do nothing to change it. Why? What is it going to take?

Sorry this post wasn't actually more about baseball. That would have been more fun to read probably, since this is just a rambling of the mind, and not sports. On a more positive, and even sports related note, the Nationals are losing.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

FG vs. AD

First of all, I'm glad to see that the 2nd greatest animated series ever created has returned to my television screen. :) Happiness.

Family Guy > American Dad.

And that's final!

Of the two American Dad episodes that I have watched, I can't remember laughing once. Sad. I remember nearly dying of laughter from early Family Guy episodes, a trend which has continued through almost every episode. Seth should put all his focus on FG. You don't want AD to bring them both down. I'll give AD a few more episodes to make me laugh before it becomes banned from my television. If that happens, American Dad will join the likes of American Idol, anything falling under the category of "reality television", and finally, regular season NBA basketball.

"Who are those people in the corner?"

Just met 'The Crazies', I mean, soon to be in-laws at Elise's graduation party. I am just kidding. They are very nice, non-crazy people. It took a while for us Wilson's to get into the crowd to converse, so the first half of the party we just sat in the corner, like good little non-social butterflies. But, then the food was served, and that was as much of an ice-breaker as we needed. They made/served good food. Lunch was very satisfying. So that's a plus. We then proceeded to either tell or listen to the same stories 15 times in a row, as there was always at least one person not around the first 14 times it was told. Seriously, If I hear one more story about hurricane damage I am going to shoot myself. All in all, they were great people, and I am happy to have them joining the family. And no, for the 16th time, the wedding date has not been set yet.