Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh Snap!

I've done it again. I've, in some way or another, convinced yet another person to own an Xbox. Around Christmas time last year, my boss Jay, was looking for something for his son. He was pondering the purchase of an Xbox. I thoroughly convinced him to buy an Xbox so that his son would not have to play the inferior Playstation 2 anymore. I felt happy to know that I helped divert someone to the better console. His son, Thomas, now plays Halo2, and that's a good thing.

Also around Christmas, my original box was giving me fits. I fixed it, but in the time being I had to play some games. This required the purchase of another box, leaving me with two once the original was fixed. The original is now in the possession of Shannon, my roommate. He now is addicted to Crimson Skies, and the newly released Forza Motorsport (addictions don't take long to form, Forza came out yesterday.) He's not much of a gamer, but he did used to play the PS2, and now prefers his Xbox over it anyday.

I've come to learn this morning that Rob (co-worker), long-time PS2 and Gran Turismo 4 enthusiast (a.k.a. our office's un-official spokesman for how much better PS2 is over Xbox), as well as a self-proclaimed auto expert, is now the proud owner of an Xbox. So many times I have heard from him how PS2 will always be better than Xbox, and now he owns one. Granted, it was an anniversary gift from his wife, but she wouldn't have bought it if he didn't express intrest in one. We talk trash about PS2 all the time at work, and he happily defends it, but I think we finally broke him.

After discussing the newly released Forza this morning, he has stated that he will be purchasing it as well, even though he already owns GT4. He will probably tell us monday that Forza sucks compared to GT4, because I am sure he is still loyal to the PS2, but regardless, I am happy to know that another poor, misguided soul has experienced the right path when it comes to a video game experience. Now if I can only convince him to get a LIVE account, so I can beat him at his own game.

So that is three people I've helped see the light. Who will be next?

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