Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Google To Do List: Conquer Earth

Thanks to Google, you no longer need to plan long vacation drives to see all the cool places all over the world. Now you can just sit at your computer in your boxer shorts, soaking in the cool AC, and travel around the world.
First Google came out with Google Maps. That was cool. Then that branched from the US to the UK and everywhere else soon followed (zoom out). Not only do they provide a very detailed and easy to use map service, for directions, maps, etc., but they also offer a new satellite mapping feature, which is really cool, and distracting (especially at work). Obviously all of that was not enough for Google, because now there is Google Earth, which I am guessing will soon be the name of our planet, as Google rapidly conquers it. It's free, so go check it out. Or not, whatever.

Also, if you are just too lazy and want others to find all the cool stuff on the planet for you, just head over to Google Sightseeing for some easy finds. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Best . . . Baby . . . Ever!

Instead of making three different posts, I'll just consolidate the last week's activities.

Best man for the job, eh? What exactly is a best man supposedly best at anyway? All I know is that I am the best man, for Matthew's wedding at least. Cool. There were some differences of opinions in the last few weeks, but nothing that can't be resolved. I had my opinion, so I tossed it out there. Apparently everyone else has spoken there opinion as well and is in some kind of an agreeance of happiness with the whole wedding deal, so it's time to just leave it alone.
Back to the topic of the Best Man issue. What exactly are my duties? I think I get to throw a party, right? Any ideas?

Baby time! Congrats to Jayna and Kyle for the newest addition to the world, a wonderful baby boy named Cooper. I am happy to hear that Mom and Son are doing well and in good health. Kyle, I am sure you did a great job supervising. Have you ever see that movie 'Problem Child'? That's the future buddy, get ready. You have to watch out for those redheaded kids.
The Wilson family, and some friends here have asked for me to send their best wishes your way. Hopefully tonight will be a little less hectic than last night. Again, Congratulations and if you ever need Uncle Zach to help out, let me know. Sorry I can't help donate to the Cooper college fund, I'm workin' on my own right now.

Ever been to Savannah, Ga.? It's great. The parents, bro., and I made a trip down there this last weekend. I've visited once before, but I needed another 'pep rally' visit to get to motivated and focused again, and also to get better acquainted with my new city. What makes this visit different than the last is that now I know it's official, I will be going to school there in the Fall (that, and the folks were there this time to soak it all in). So, this time I was able to relax a bit and absorb the city around me, and all I have to say is: I am ready to go, now.
I made a large, life-changing decision to move away from my friends and family about five years ago, and it truly changed my life forever. Now I have figured out the next step in this big journey, and it's time to move forward. Hopefully these next five years will be as beneficial, blessed, and as exciting as the last five. The move last time was hard, physically, mentally, and emotionally, with all kinds of new things thrown in my face all at once. It was quite overwhelming and hard to deal with at times. I don't foresee it being much easier this time around. Now I have new friends and new family to leave behind. It will be a challenge, but it something that must be done. Since the last move, I have learned many things, how to deal with and without many things, but most importantly, that the best things in life are never left behind, but always with you. It is reassuring to know that what I am doing is right, and in the direction it was Intended to be, no longer just spinning my wheels, wasting time. A New Journey awaits. I am sure some will be documented here. Stay tuned.

That's enough for now.

"But you and I have been through this, and this is not our fate. So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Whatever The eff That Means (ver. Z.0)

Nate did a "test" over on his blog, and after rummaging around on that site a bit, I found a "test" that better suited me than his (I'm only 36% Emo. *fake tears*). Here are the results:

I am 74% Video Game Addict.
I have a Video Game Problem
Video games are a big portion of my life, maybe too big of a portion. They are not a means of social interaction, despite what I might think. I should just go outside.

What problem? I don't have a problem!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Applicator error

I need to fire that person who put on my sunscreen this weekend. They suck. Oh wait, that was me. Yea, I look like a spotted cow. Moo! I guess the positive about it is that my entire body isn't that pink color. So, since I guess my applicator is fired, I am now hiring. Any takers? It pays good, with lots of benefits.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

. . . and If I Don't Make It . . .

...know that I've loved you all along. Just like sunny days that we ignore because we're all dumb and jaded.

Well, it's no sunny day here. Maybe I can ignore the rainy days too. The weather is fitting, since it is also root canal day. Not really looking forward to it. However, it does get me out of work for a while and I will be subjected to various pain killers and anesthetics. I suppose that can be viewed as a plus. Bring on the uncontrollable drool and slurred speech. :/