Monday, February 08, 2010

naked feet

I never really noticed it, but over the last few years I have grown out of wearing shoes. Living in a corporate world, you pretty much have to wear them for most of the day, despite the fact that you are sitting down most of that time (depending on your job). I have never been much of a shoe person, but I never minded them much either. The combination of my return to a college lifestyle and the dreadful heat that becomes commonplace in the South, my lifestyle the last few years has only strengthened my enjoyment of wearing minimal footwear. Aside from formal occasions, and the rare winter weather in Savannah, I would rather be wearing sandals (or sock-less Sperrys) if footwear were to be required.

In December, I wanted to start up running again, not having committed to it seriously since high school cross country, over a decade ago. I'm not sure why this fact of not liking much shoe on my foot didn't cross my mind then, but it didn't. I went out and bought a brand new pair of shoes. It is just what you do when you want to run. You need a nice pair of shoes, right? To make you run faster? To stay injury-free you need the right pair? It is what I have always done in the past, why should this time be any different?

Well, I have always heard about it, but never taken it too seriously, as it seemed like a gimmick or something for the uber-extreme runner, or for the speedy Kenyan that wasn't fortunate enough for a nice pair Nikes, but barefoot running has been a growing interest of mine for some time now. I have friends who do it. It has been recommended to me several times to try, especially when discussing my joint aches and pains. So I have decided to look at it a little harder this time.

According to this month's Runner's World, it is apparently a "fad" on the rise, and holds a great debate as to whether this radical departure from the norm is a legit mode of exercise. This renegade movement is apparently surging, being led by Christopher McDougall and readers of his book, Born to Run.  Sweet, maybe I can be in the cool crowd this time. :)  Well, I don't know anything about that, nor do I care to join the cool crowd, but I am interested in the benefits of running without shoes. Having been researching it a bit, it seems that people claim great benefit from this "style" of running (less aches and pains, more natural form, increased fun, etc.), all of which interest me. Having never been a huge fan of shoes, why should I need a special pair to run? It just sounds silly all of sudden. Our foot is designed to walk and run just fine without any special treatment. We have just been conditioned to need a shoe.

So, anyway.....I will be continuing my research and hopefully move to some trials in the near future. 

UPDATE: The more POV's, the better....recent article on the topic.

Friday, February 05, 2010


So its been a while since I have had a shave. Thanksgiving, in fact, I believe was the last occasion. Not having a job where I am greeting clients face to face, or the presence of daily razzing from classmates, and such, it has been nice to just let it go for a while. I have let it go several times in the last few years, but only for No Shave November events, and that is just a month. This is the longest it has been, and though I feel the look growing on me (ah! pun, sorry) I feel it may not be tolerable for much longer. I snapped a photo strictly for documentation purposes, and for future discouragement from trying it again. :) Time for a haircut too, that's been since Oct.