Friday, April 28, 2006


So I haven't slept much lately, and it's all due to the excessive amount of homework I've been receiving. The assignment taking up most of my time so far, requiring multiple all-night homework sessions at Eichberg Hall, is my Arch. Fundamentals model. We started at the beginning of the quarter playing around with blocks, planes, posts, etc. Found an arrangement we liked, then multiplied in a formal arrangement (linear, stepped, zig-zagged), now we are elaborating on that arrangement moving horizontally and vertically. After repeated all-night sessions, followed by class with the professor acting as a tornado, literally ripping it to shreds, and repeating, we've begun to see a function emerging from the pile of sticks and foam core board. We are only at midterms, so I've got a long way to go on this project. I'm certain I will have to continue to change and refine it until its a beautiful structure. Guess the function of my building, and you'll get 10 cool points.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Quote Of The Day

On my Google Homepage I have rarely read Quote of the Day that appears every day. Some days I read it, others I forget. It is usually nothing outrageous, or anything relative to the way I'm feeling, but today's was.

You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play.
- Warren Beatty

Right now everything I do seems like work, and no play. Well, there is play, but it's only found in the procrastination from the work. They are not synonymous. I am once again thinking of ditching the architecture. The feeling of being a quitter, giving into my laziness, wasting my intelligence, or whatever that feeling is, still remains, because I know I can do architecture, but quite frankly I don't know if want to. I want something that is new, something that will be exciting everyday, something that I will always enjoy doing, not just most of the time. I don't see that future right now. I think my procrastination problem would disappear if I actually wanted to do the work I'm given. If I enjoyed it, I wouldn't find excuses to do other things. I can do architecture, play it safe, and not enjoy the ride, and make it work for my life, or I can do something else that I would enjoy completely, not knowing if it would work, or if I'd fall on my face, and be happy. So, I don't know where this is going, but if I make a change in the near future, don't be too surprised.

I wanna have the same last dream again
The one where I wake up and I'm alive
Just as the four walls close me within
My eyes are open up with pure sunlight
I'm the first to know

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Note To Self: Egg Salad

  • Never, ever, under any circumstances purchase and eat an egg salad sandwich from a gas station. Never. Just because you have been working all night w/o sleep, and haven't eaten in 30+ hrs. is not a valid excuse. Never......ever do it.

"Where is my mind?"