Wednesday, June 07, 2006


...and not a moment too soon, since I was one deleted file away from an aneurysm. I've completed a very hard quarter, and couldn't be happier that I am done. I have a short 2 weeks off before I return to Savannah for the Summer quarter, and the 3 courses it holds (Arch. Fundamentals 2, Construction Technology, and English Lit. & Comp.) Shouldn't be too bad, I certainly hope not. This quarter was an A and 2 B's, which were very hard fought grades.
I am now in Florida at home, trying my best to remember how to relax. I will stay here until the end of the week, then head up to Atlanta to go hiking with Matthew. I'll probably stop in on some old friends to say hello while I am there. After the hike in the Smokies it will be back to Savannah for school.
I will be living at my friend, Meg Tate's house this summer. Then for the Fall, David and I have found a awesome house to live in. I'll discuss that in more detail when it gets closer to move-in time. It's gonna be sweet.
In my relax time / boredom here at home, I've updated my photo album to something that will work better for me when it comes to posting new pictures, and easier for you to navigate, so enjoy. You can find my Arch. Fundamental final portfolio in there somewhere. :)

And after calming me down with some orange slices
And some fetal spooning
E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose,
He said you are the chosen one
The one who will deliver the message
A message of hope
For those who choose to hear it
And a warning for those who do not
Me, the chosen one
They chose me,
And I didn't graduate
From fucking high school

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