Saturday, June 24, 2006

Extra! Extra!

About 2 hours ago, I started to make a new blog entry about the Braves finally capturing a win, making it only there 3rd of the month. With the month ending in a couple days, you can deduce that it hasn't been a good month for them. They are facing some record lows this month, none of which are making me happy, but that doesn't stop me from being a fan of the team. I would like to hope that they can still continue their run of post-season appearances, but at this point that is very unlikely, but not impossible. The exact same scenario played out last year with the Houston Astros, and they made it to the World Series. Anything is possible.

Anyway, I wanted to be clever and place a video of Andruw Jones hitting a 444ft. homerun into my blog post. After far too little searching, and a lack of certain computer/web skills, I decided to forgo the Jones video until another day, and just dazzle everyone with my intellectually typed words. I decided against that as well, since I was too busy investigating a new video and blog I discovered while looking for homeruns. The site is about a guy named Matt, and his blog describes his travels. He has a video which is quite interesting, not so much for the topic, which is dancing, as it is about how he framed his dancing by his surroundings. Incredible. This guy has traveled like I want to travel, meaning simply....Everywhere, and even better, before he is old and retired. His travels are quite interesting. Interesting enough to hold my attention for a couple hours of reading, and exploring pictures.

When I come across things such as this, it always raises questions in my head. "Why can't I do something like that?" The answer is always, "I can....but" "But what? What is holding you back?" "Nothing...really....I'm just supposed to...." I hate that life is so planned out for you. Yes, I know you can do whatever you want, and take whatever course you want in your life, but overall, there is some kind of pre-planned route that you are made to feel guilty for leaving. There is safety in that pre-planned route. To me, that is its only appeal. Joy & excitement usually follow, but they are not guaranteed, like it is when you leave that route. Anyway, I thought Matt's site was very interesting and, in a way, inspiring. Check it out if you have some extra time. It'll make you hate your job. Where the hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt?


Nathanfooism said...

you could do it yourself. i would set up a myspace account with paypal links and you could actually travel and have people donating at the same time. use the profile to update every couple of days. i would also recommend circulating your profile with shout outs on other profiles with HIGH traffic. you could give matt some competetion. yes you can.

ElykNoslen said...

start a site called "".