Thursday, May 25, 2006


So, Thursday's classes have come and gone. I just walked out of Eichberg Hall at 5:00pm and realized I hadn't stepped outside in exactly 24 hrs. and building for closer to 36-40. My model is very near completetion. I did all that work for my pfsr. to tell me that we will critic and turn in on Tuesday, which I suppose is a good thing, as now I have less work to do over the weekend. I have inhaled way too much fiber-board dust, and super-glued my fingers together enough for a while. It's time for a nap, and a shower. Hopefully the skin on my fingertips will grow back soon. Here are some pictures of yesterday, last evening, this morning, this afternoon, whatever time it was. Once it's done I'll take it to the photo vault for some shadow casting and such. Later.

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Anonymous said...

The trusses look great, but I kinda miss the ski slope design. ;)