Friday, March 03, 2006

Life Drawing

....I guess.

My drawing class had a weekend class last week, to observe all of the different drawing professors' work. There were also model sessions going on while we were there, and our teacher encouraged us to try it. I've never been good at drawing people, but sure, why not. I figured the dude was going to pose sitting on the this block in the middle of the room. I grab my pad and pencil to get ready, looking up only to see a full moon shining back at me. "Oh, it's this kind of figure drawing." Anyway, this is what came of it, for your viewing pleasue. FYI, it was my first time drawing a live figure, let alone a nude one. And I can't draw heads. Oh well.


His suzy said...

Hey! I was just trolling through blogs - gotta love that "Next Blog" button - and came across yours. I can say that you're much better at drawing than I am! I've never even tried, and I can't imagine trying to draw a nude stranger. lol

Have a good one! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, that was you in that class? My instructor told us earlier this week that a there was a guy in the class who showed up for the "male" model class. You have to be the guy my instructor was talking about, the one that kept asking for a closer seat to the model.

The "female" model class was earlier that day...she was hot.

Anyway, it appears that you do a pretty good job drawing naked guys.

soul.of.mine said...

ha, it's funny when 'anonymous' doesn't make you anonymous.

...and if you thought those female models were hot, there is something wrong with you.