Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make per Month - April

So my good friend Despina formed a wonderful idea in her brain a few months ago. That being we art students haven't really MADE anything since we left Savannah after graduation. This is very true. Many of us have been busy with the new job, or the lingering job hunt, and not been inspired to make much of anything other than a depression in the sofa for some reality television.

Des collected addresses from friends and friends-of-friends, via Facebook, shuffled them all up and dispensed them to us, giving everyone a random person to make something for.

I have to say I was a touch nervous at first, having not really ever made anything in the sense that many of the other participants make. I was an architecture student. We made sketches and models, not exactly the productions many of the other artists make. Art, for sure, just a very different approach to making.

I decided to explore some woodworking for my first assignment as I have always been interested in it and I have ample equipment to begin learning in my father's garage. As per Zach, the sketches began as something that seems simple and logical, only for the final product to be far simpler than expected, with only a glimmer of resemblance to the first sketch. I made a box. Can't get much simpler.

There are more photos on Flickr, as well as photos of the sweet little black book that someone made for me.

Now it is almost the end of May and I haven't even started on this month's Make. Chances are I will explore the box again. I figure I could try something new, but the first one had plenty of little flaws and mistakes, which to be honest I really liked in the end, though I would like to give it another shot. I still have leftover material from the first one. I busted up an old wooden palette my dad had sitting aside waiting for a trip to the dump. I really enjoyed giving a piece of it a second life. I think there may be a few more good pieces left waiting for a rebirth of sorts.


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