Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lucky #14

This goes out to that large community out there known as Brave-haters, but I think it's actually just Kyle and his imaginary hater friends. As I have been forecasting the entire season, tonight the Atlanta Braves have clinched their 14th consecutive National League East title. So there. As stated before, this is the first most important goal of the season, second being advancing to the championship series, and finally, the World Series. Because if you can't win your division, you are only good enough to watch the playoffs from your couch. Wild Card teams being the only exception, but I guess some teams do deserve a second chance for being kinda close behind.

Kyle- you predicted the Washington Nationals to win the division. Not a bad choice, they did have a valid shot to take the division and run with it. However, they returned to their Expo ways and floundered away the second half of the season. The NL East was far more competitive this year than in the past years, and I will admit, their were certain points of the season when I wasn't totally certain the Braves could pull it out. But as usual, Bobby Cox and his staff managed well with what they had (10+ rookies on the active roster), and pulled out another title. Maybe next year you will pick the team most likely to win. The door is always open here at the Braves fan club. We accept all denominations, and don't judge those betraying their previous teams. So just come on over whenever you're ready.

As for the remainder of the season, and the playoffs, I hope the Braves can play well, and stay away from injury and errors, in order to advance to the final Series. That would be incredible. However, as the past has definitely proven in every sport, the playoffs are quite unpredictable. That is what makes them so exciting to watch, anything can happen. So, with that, Go Braves! and we'll see you in the World Series. Maybe next year we'll have the chance to defend more than just the Division title...again.


ElykNoslen said...

After the Braves obtaining their 14th consecutive division win, how do you respond to previous remarks that you have made regarding MLB is rigged?

Using that theory, Bud Selig (or whoever the controller is) must be using the Braves as a backup to win the world series if no other popular matchups become available for the ALCS or NLCS. And as long as NY (or even Boston now) can win the ALCS, you can bet that they will get the nod to take the World Series Championship and all the glorious TV coverage.

Or the Braves will just fold in the first round of the playoffs as they like to do lately. That seems to draw headlines and SportsCenter attention.

soul.of.mine said...

I don't recall claiming that MLB as being "rigged", I thought that was the NBA. But if I did, then I would say that sounds about right. I would assume the most popular team w/ the largest city of playoff-arriving fans would get the nod from Selig. Atlanta has far less less local fan support compared to the Yankees or BoSox. Atlanta's fans are spread out more, over the entire southeastern U.S., thus making T.V. ratings appear higher for NY or Boston. That's could be a reason why they always "make it" to the playoffs.

So, for the record, which is your favorite team now?

Nathanfooism said...

the mlb should give the players roids for good stats. that should make guys play harder, thus making baseball entertaining again.