Monday, October 24, 2005


My head is spinning. No alcohol tonight, that was this last weekend, where apparently I gave my first and last lap dance ever. Anyway, today it's because I've been up for about 36 hrs. straight. I don't know if that's a PB, but I'm ready to cut it short anyway. Why up so long you ask? Well, I had a powerpoint presentation due today at Noon. The bulk of the presentation was completed between the hours of 5pm Sunday and 11:30am Today. Then at 11:45 I decided to change the name of my file to include my name, just like the professor likes it. Well, for some reason my flash drive decided to corrupt my one and only electronic copy of my powerpoint when I changed the name. Luckily the professor dropped his no-tolerance policy on 'technological mishaps', since I did just print out my slides right before the corruption. So at least he knows I did the work. But that means I have to create it all over again. Ugh! Is this a test? That is why my head is spinning. That and because I had to complete another project by 6pm tonight before class. This has to be some kind of test. Tomorrow holds another project due date @ noon for another class, ask me if it's finished.

Had to skip crew this morning to finish the project I erased. That's 4 miles of punishment. wonderful.

"these will cure my aching head, help me see again. these will take away the guilt, ease my soul again..."

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ElykNoslen said...

Test? No way dude, that's just life. Think of it as a TV show.

It's entertaining because it isn't happening to me. :)