Monday, July 18, 2005


I need one of those countdown banners. Anyone know how to do that?

With school only a calm 95% assured for this fall, and before I've even completed all of the paperwork for this coming term, there is one thing that I have made definite, and that is my last day at SFI. Anyone own a Brontosaurus, because I am imagining 5pm on August 26 to play out a lot like Fred Flintstone leaving the rock quarry. I will no doubt miss (some of) the people, but I will definitely not miss the 40 hours a week. I know, I know. I will be doing a lot of hard, all-nighter work at school, but the 40 hr. work week was killing me. There are times when I could literally feel it sucking the life out of me. I need a change of pace, and I can't wait for it.

I will reflect later on my 5 years here in Hotlanta. Right now I can't think with that tick...tock...tick...tock noise going in the back of my head.

T-39 days and counting (29 if you don't count the weekends). Tick...Tick...

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Nathanfooism said...

scientology can make you love those 40 hour weeks and then make you want to have 50.