Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Google To Do List: Conquer Earth

Thanks to Google, you no longer need to plan long vacation drives to see all the cool places all over the world. Now you can just sit at your computer in your boxer shorts, soaking in the cool AC, and travel around the world.
First Google came out with Google Maps. That was cool. Then that branched from the US to the UK and everywhere else soon followed (zoom out). Not only do they provide a very detailed and easy to use map service, for directions, maps, etc., but they also offer a new satellite mapping feature, which is really cool, and distracting (especially at work). Obviously all of that was not enough for Google, because now there is Google Earth, which I am guessing will soon be the name of our planet, as Google rapidly conquers it. It's free, so go check it out. Or not, whatever.

Also, if you are just too lazy and want others to find all the cool stuff on the planet for you, just head over to Google Sightseeing for some easy finds. Enjoy.

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Nathanfooism said...

nice post, and thx for the links as well. im totally lazy