Sunday, July 24, 2005

Running Is Fun!

At least that's what I am trying to convince myself. After reading Kyle's inspiring post, I have almost talked myself into running today. Of course, I will be waiting until tonight when it's not 95 degrees outside.

Everyone has a list of things they don't want to do, but know they must complete those tasks eventually. Running is on that list for me. As Kyle said, it is never easy to start, but usually once I start I go in spurts, going crazy on that list, cranking out task after task with no problem, before I revert back to Lazy Smurf. This time I am trying to take running off that list, and putting it on my, dare I say it, Fun list.

I have decided to post my running log here to hopefully give myself motivation. This motivation will be inspired by the fact that everyone will be able to see how bad I do, should I do poorly. And then they will have the right to harass me for my poor schedule. Right now, all I can seem to do is provide a link for you to sign in to. I think a updating graph would be cool, but I haven't figured that out yet. UPDATE:Kyle has found a better log, and it is good. Problem solved. Feel free to harass, I'll need the encouragement.

Running stats: Coming Soon!! Available


ElykNoslen said...

So what time of the evening did you get out onto the streets to take on those hills? Or are still neglecting your running shoes?

Nathanfooism said...

i cant beat both of you barefoot and drunk

soul.of.mine said...

It's 'Coming Soon!!!' man, 'Coming Soon!!!'.

Are you willing to some money on that, Nate?

Nathanfooism said...

hey that looked pretty cool, can i make one of those too for drinking?

soul.of.mine said...

you can customize everything, so yeah, i guess you could make one for drinking. different colored bars for different beverages.