Monday, October 25, 2010


This last week I have had the great opportunity to aide a deserving family in receiving a brand new home (via ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and as I sit today job hunting, thinking of the future, of what I want to be, what I want to do with my life, it occurs to me that I want be in the 'helping others' business.  In a way, I have always known this, and I think that is what has always intrigued me about architecture. Underneath all the other designer bullshit, the bottom line is that you are creating an intimate space for someone to live their life with greater ease, comfort, and pleasure than they did the day before.  To me, that is what it is all about.

This realization has been building for some time now, and as it does feel amazing to have finally realized what gives me passion to work, it also greatly reduces my list of available jobs (to my knowledge).  It seems emerging from college and finding the 'right job' in a recession (or whatever this is) is increasingly complicated by having newly discovered morals and an actual positively motivated and enforced goal in my head.  Nonetheless, I have a goal.  There will be highs, there will be lows, but the desire remains.  It is what makes you.

Though I have made this realization, I still battle daily with this goal, relentlessly questioning the change this desire will no doubt bring to my life.  Should I abide to these morals strictly? or should I take a job that doesn't wholeheartedly support my visions?  Right or wrong, I feel that letting go of my morals effectively compromises my education.  I understand compromise is inevitable, but how much is OK to let slide?  Right now I find it hard to entertain anything that is even remotely immoral.

The other side of this mental battle of job searching, similar to - yet completely separate - from my professional morals, are my personal desires for living happily and the location said job takes me to.  How important is it that a job takes me to: a new place or keeps me home? a place where I have friends or where I know no one? a place that is near water or mountains...or nothing at all? a place that is rural or urban, fast or slow?  How important is it?  The list could go on and on.  Does it really matter?  No, probably not.  But then that is the problem with being a easily contented explorer.  I know I can be happy anywhere, with anyone, all the time, no matter where I settle and the explorer in me is wanting change, constant discovery and uncertainty.  In all honestly, it depends on my mood when I wake in the morning.  Getting up on the proverbial 'right side of the bed'...with having grown a pair overnight and being ready to jump or remaining a cowardly lion without.

I like pictures in posts, so here are some for you.  This is the Gaston family's new home.  It doesn't really snow in Florida but Hollywood doesn't seem to care.  We were told the episode will air December 12.

The Gaston's received scholarships and a new vehicle as well.

More snow than we have had in a while...and in October, of all times.

 Bus driver, move that bus!!!

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Anonymous said...

I commend you on your goals and aspirations! Florida is a dead end for a creative free thinker such as yourself. I suggest relocating to the west coast. I was recently in Portland and Seattle, they are all about sustainable living, alternative energy, organic food, and recycling. Good luck at whatever you decide to commit to!