Friday, October 29, 2010

practice fun

Upon visiting Christopher McDougall's blog today, I see he has posted one of his recent lectures; this one via TEDxPhoenixville.  I thought I would share it, as he again speaks about barefoot running, but also about having fun while doing so.  To me, that was one of the main reasons I began the whole barefoot thing; to make running and being healthy enjoyable again.  But this lesson does not simply apply to running, I feel it can also be extended and updated to fit into our modern lifestyles.  I think it would be a mistake to forget how we arrived here at the present.

I agree, as McDougall points out, that we should all:
:have more connection with the Earth on a daily basis.
:live in the realm of pleasure, instead of fear.
:remember our childhood more often...and practice fun.

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