Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Brother the Artist....2 weeks in.

So it has been a couple weeks now for the bro. I have stopped over a few times so far to say hello, taking the opportunity to drop off firewood, sit in the sun and write a bit, and to wear out a Rowdy dog. Andrew seems to be thoroughly enjoying his tenure in the barn. The first week and a half was quite cold by Florida standards, but that has passed and we are on to more typical winter temps (High:60's, Low:40's). I snapped a couple interior photos the other day so you could see how he is living. Not much on the walls this visit....must have known I was going to snap a few pics.

I will post a few more on flickr. Don't forget to drop him a line if you haven't already. One stamp holds so much potential.  peace.

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