Monday, December 14, 2009

Day Dream

Today has been quite a peculiar day. One with no energy.  Foggy, rainy, and humid outside. Not being able to see beyond 10 yards in front of you is nice sometimes.

Took Rowdy for a walk this evening. I assume the sun was setting, as the street lights popped on in the haze. 70 degrees outside with 99% humidity in the middle of December.  You don't normally sweat while you walk your dog in December. It felt like summer, so much that I began to wonder why people had Christmas decorations up.  It was a very eerie walk. Hardly any sounds. What you could hear came from ten houses down, sounding like it was happening right next to you.

Walking past houses of old friends and acquaintances from earlier in life, middle school, high school and so on, none of which are still inhabited by the same families, I began to think of the path I was taking, and the ones I have taken before. The spaces, that for some reason, held a memory in my head. Much like that of a child from Family Circus, I began to map out routes I had taken, leaving only dashes behind. I've been in that house. I've walked through that door. I have played in that backyard. I wonder how many times I have been in this exact spot? How many more times will I be right here?  Suddenly snapped back to reality as Rowdy and I nearly became roadkill to a tired 9-to-5er returning home in their SUV.  Probably rushing home from the stressful act of useless gift buying.

We continued our walk with a new heart rate. Thinking that incident would be a nice touch to a future blog entry, we crafted other lines that would sound cool, but unfortunately (or not) we couldn't think of a good ending.

Rowdy and I returned home to find something to do that wouldn't bore us. Nothing yet. Yeah, that ending sucks.

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