Thursday, October 01, 2009


Ever feel like some unknown is trying to tell you something, but secretly and subliminally so they don't get caught telling you, leaving you to figure it out for yourself?

Upon writing/typing myself into another deep hole today (not as in physical depth, deep as in, "Whoa man, that's deep!"), I came across another one of those moments you can sometimes come across when contemplating the universe, life's purpose, happiness, and all of that serious stuff. "Why am I here?", etc. For a brief moment, Coincidence seemed to be a very far-fetched idea.

So as I am typing the part of my thesis about meaning, conscious and unconscious thought, making the correct decision between materiality of self and the understanding of self, and the concentration required for knowing one's self, the phone rings. At this time of the day it is commonly a tele-marketer, and I was correct. "If you are interested in joining my venture,...and want to make 40-60% return in the next year,...and have $25,000 liquid now or in the next 3 days....please press 1....".   Seriously??  How could this computer leaving this message know what I am thinking and typing about at this second?  And furthermore, but less important, how could anyone be so stupid as to believe anything a recording tells them?  Whomever is running this 'show' better start coming up with some original material. They are getting a little predictable. Unless you are trying to tell me something, in which case, I get that you are trying, but I can't make any sense of it. Better clues would be helpful, thanks.

I hate how thinking sometimes keeps you from working.  I just can't focus because of how these occurrences seem so planned and scripted. I know it is probably just a weird mood that will pass, similar to the one I get when I watch "The Truman Show" or the first "Matrix". So, as Rowdy licks his butt joyously (and loudly) at my feet, I will strive to get back to typing about Happiness, and what it really is.  As if I have a clue.......however, Rowdy seems to know.

Great, now my head hurts.....time for a nature break.

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