Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've gone PRO

That's right, I put the PRO in Procrastination. In the midst of finals week, I managed to effectively finish one of my projects 20 min. before class started, but that's not the best part. The best part is that it was a class favorite. "Wow, that must have taken you a long time." What is bad is that I know this approval by others is subconsciously telling my brain that procrastination is OK, even when I know that it is not very good work ethic, and it only builds up more stress. But, apparently my best work is done at the last minute. It will catch up with me one day, and it won't be pretty.

This hasn't been my first feat of supreme procrastination this quarter. Nearly ever other project I have completed so far has been finished at the last moment. It started at 45 min. before class, then 25, then 10, today 20 min., and of then of course, my PR, 5 min. The thing I don't understand is that I am not really putting things off, yet it still comes down to the wire. I don't get it, I haven't even been playing any Xbox or watching TV or anything. Where does the time go?

Speaking of Xbox, the neighbor Jason has already purchased his wireless 360 controller. It put him out $50, ouch. I have been debating the idea of purchasing an Xbox 360. Actually, I've been debating when I'll purchase one. It's a given that I will have one eventually, then question is when. This next gen is going to put a hurting on the wallet. I am not looking forward to that, and right now I am having some reservations to buy as I am not entirely excited about the product. I'm having a hard time believing that the cost of the box is equivalent to the amount of happiness I receive from it. However, my feeling of want is trying to overcome my logic and reason. Want has won in the past, but I am actually going to resist and put up a fight this time. The neighbors are all purchasing their 360s day of release, that won't make it any easier. I'll fight it until I feel the product is worth the money, when want turns to need. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long to be convinced to buy.

Crew News:
Well, this last weekend was my first crew event. It was very hard, very strenuous, very tiring, and even a little bit fun. I don't even know how we placed. I'd say it's safe to say we finished in the middle of the pack or lower, as there were many larger, more experienced schools there, like Clemson, Bama, NC State, Ga Tech, etc. We competed better with the smaller schools, but unfortunately we still have to race the big dogs too.

We meet at the boathouse on Friday to winterize the boats and close things down for the winter. That means cleaning, painting, etc. Hopefully the day can be topped off with some sort of celebration.

I have some pictures from the race, but this stupid PictureTrail account is telling me to pay them money now for some reason, and that's probably not going to happen. So, I will have to find another way to post them for everyone to see. If you know of a better image hosting site, please let me know. Only requirement is that it is free.

Only 2 more projects to turn in before I am done with my first quarter here at SCAD. I've got until Tuesday to get it all done. Maybe I'll get them done early so I can relax this weekend. Right!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, and the rest of my break. I will be heading back to ATL for some of the break to do some work at SFI, and make a little money, then I'll take the rest of the time off for Xmas and the wedding, then it's back to the grind in the Winter quarter. Sounds like a good plan to me. Hopefully I'll see you somewhere along the way. Take 'er easy.

"I walked around my good intentions
And found that there were none"


Elise said...

i think photo bucket lets you have an album for free. Good luck with the rest of finals/projects!

Nathanfooism said...

i can honestly tell you procrastination is not bad thing. lets call it"pro". well pro has saved my life numerous times and has, well i believed to change my life for the for sure better. pro rules man! anywho who tells you diiferent wants to pwn or frag you. dont be a n00b. PRO all you want.