Friday, November 11, 2005


Well, it's the night before my first official crew event, The Head of the South in Augusta, GA. I am feeling some old, but familiar butterfly feelings, again from the CC days. But if my memory is correct, it turns into an awesome feeling right before the gun sounds. Then in the first few 100 yds (or meters in this case) the butterflies are let go, and it's all good.

It turns out that I will be rowing two races tomorrow. One with the Novice 8 that I have been practicing with the whole time, and then another 5k on a Mixed 8 boat (coed w/ novice & varsity). I am stroke on both boats. The boat with the varsity is obviously making me slightly more nervous, but at least that race is first to get the nerves out of the way for the Novice 8 race a couple hours later.

The bus is leaving for Augusta at 3:30 AM from the boathouse, so it will be an early morning to a long, long day. But the parents and bro will be meeting me there, so it should be fun. I believe I have everything prepared, and ready to go, so on that note, I think it's time for bed. Good night.

"And how can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice? We need new noise - new art for the real people.
...Can I scream?"

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