Thursday, August 05, 2010

Marathon: Day 1

Ask me why I did it in 457 days and again 26.1 miles later, and you may get two different answers. I have been needing a goal of some kind for my running. I have not taken it too seriously in a few months knowing full well that having a goal is a good way to stay in some kind of shape.

Upon seeing the announcement of Savannah getting a marathon, it sounded like a fitting goal; a way to conquer two goals at once, complete a long distance run and guarantee a return trip to Savannah.

My furthest run (that I can remember) was a cool, rainy 11.3 back in January, with shod work that could have been the culprit for my once aching knees.

Since I have not been wearing my running shoes for several months now, I see no reason to put them back on. I find I enjoy running a lot more when it is not about the time or speed, but about how it makes my body feel. It can be quite a rush.

So...let the count down begin. Long way to go. 457 days and counting...

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