Saturday, April 03, 2010

I feel the earth move under my feet

Today's Run: 6.2 miles @ 11:32

Exiting the shower today after my run, it is apparent that it is a cleaning day, as Carole King is blaring over a vacuum cleaner.

Went out for a longer run today...longer that is for barefoot. In my opinion, it makes little sense for me to call a run slow or fast anymore. It has become more about how comfortable it is, and how well it feels to my body.  In that sense today's run was great.  If you look at the time, yea, perhaps it was slow.....whatever.  By the time I looped back to the house, calculated later at 6.2, I felt I could easily withstand another lap. However my tender feet objected. They had enough and were ready for a break.

It is hard to restrain myself sometimes from running faster and longer. The thing about barefoot is that my feet immediately tell me that it is not a good idea.  Yea, I could do it anyway, but all body parts are not on board for it just yet. In this case, my feet. Today we took it easy and enjoyed the nice weather and scenery.

Today, hitting that stride correctly was off and on, but man, when it hit right the feeling was sublime. Couldn't feel any impact with the road, no aching joints or muscles, all muscles not being used were relaxed (or where quickly told to relax and responded accordingly). It feels as if you could run forever. The thought would pop into my head as to who or what was actually in control of this bodily motion. Is it me? No, it couldn't be me, I am thinking about this....and then of course concentration was lost, and the stride collapsed. Ha. More practice, less thinking.

I really enjoy running on the weekends around the neighborhood. Everyone is outside, working and playing. Such a reassuring feeling. Running during the week, I begin to wonder if people ever come out of their houses. Though I have noticed a trend. I cannot decide if it is purely coincidence or actually a deliberate action reflecting one's personality, but as I have been running more and more barefoot, I have noticed more and more that people who are outside in their driveway, fumbling in the garage, working outside, whatever, tend to retreat to their garage and close their garage doors as I pass by.  This is probably purely coincidence, but its increased rate of occurrence begs the weary running mind to question it to be a cold shoulder, a coping mechanism for a persistent fear, or perhaps a method of avoiding confrontation or conflict within their personal space.  Some people have an extended gaze, a wave, a smile, a few words (today's comment, regarding the running style: "You know that's how the Greeks used to do it." yes sir.) others seem to flee and hide, refusing to allow the idea to enter their mind.  Perhaps they fear a feeling of guilt for their chosen lifestyle, or perhaps they are just heading inside from a long day's work, or from getting the mail. More research is necessary.  I will continue to poll my running.

The feet are a bit tender after today's run, that I will admit, but nothing else is aching. It should be noted that while shod I can only mange 4-5 miles before feeling knee pain.  Haven't had knee pain in weeks. The feet will strengthen, that I know, so I will gladly exchange knee pain for some tender feet.

Heard this phrase for the first time in a long time the other day. Sounds awkward and perhaps cliche, but who cares...

Carpe diem! 

Have a great day. peace.

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Sharon Telschow said...

you know, I have been wondering about this barefoot running thing. It makes perfect sense to me. I'd like to hear more about your experiences with it. After all it is how the Greeks used to do it! :)