Friday, February 24, 2006

blog wars

I know we all like our Blogger, and Google rules all, but I'd like everyone to be open minded and tell me what you think of

It was referred to me by a couple people here, and it looks interesting. Seems to be more of an all-in-one resource for a single person's information (pics, video, blog, groups, contacts, etc.) so I will be checking it out. Just thought I'd get other opinions before I do any ship jumping.


Nathanfooism said...

i was checking sites people made and it looked really cool. i might check it out myself.

ElykNoslen said...

Don't be a ship jumper.

One observation that I quickly had was that if you are not a memeber of the service, you cannot look at other people's pages/sites. Maybe it was just the particular ones I was visiting, maybe they just haven't built anything out, or maybe the community is just setup that way. If that is the case, then I definitely say "Don't be a ship jumper".